FAQs - Multilab accounts

0. Do I have a Multilab account?

Maybe.  All Computer Science graduate students have Multilab accounts created automatically.  Additionally, any course that an instructor utilizes the Multilab will have accounts created automatically based on enrollment.  Any other Computer Science undergraduate students can request an account via <help@cs.uky.edu>. 

1. What is the initial password for my account?

Your Multilab account is totally separate from your LinkBlue account.  They most likely will share the same name, but that is all.  Your instructor has a list of account names.  Initial passwords are "u"+last 7 digits of your UKID, which is a different default than campus.

2. How do I change my password?

You should login and issue the 'passwd' command.  It may take 3-5 minutes to make the change everywhere, do not try to do it if you have to leave.

3. Where is the Multilab located?

It is in room 203 Engineering Annex.  The Annex is "behind" the Ralph G. Anderson Building.

4. Can I access my account remotely?

Yes, using the an SSH client you can connect to any of the Multilab machines.  Instructions are here:  Remote Access

5. I still cannot get logged in, what should I do?

Send email to <help@cs.uky.edu> that you cannot get logged in along with the following information (Note, never send passwords, they should never be emailed):

  • Date/time you last tried
  • Userid you tried (NOTE: never send anyone your password)
  • Host/Machine name you tried