Distinguished Lecture Series: Bruce Schneier

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September 17 the Computer Science Department welcomed internationally renowned security expert Bruce Schneier, Chief Security Technology Officer of BT as part of the Distinguished Lecture Series. The event was well attended with more than 150 students, faculty and local professionals.

Schneier discussed how the fields of behavioral economics, the psychology of decision- making, and evolutionary biology converge to shed light on how we perceive security, risk, and cost. He noted that it's only when the feeling and reality of security converge that we have real security.  Our society increasingly depends on networked computer systems, and there is no topic more important to the future of computing than security.

The Computer Science Department Distinguished Lecture Series is an on-going series focused on providing thoughtful speakers to the student body for the purposes of stimulating discussion and exposing students and faculty to developments in the field of Computer Science. The next event in the series will be March 24th, 2010 featuring Mary Shaw, School of Computer Science, Carnagie Mellon University.