Computer Science Students Receive Second Place in the STEM Symposium

Joshua GuerinA poster by computer science students Joshua Guerin, Nick Mattei and Tom Dodson received second place in the STEM symposium held at UK on February 3, 2012.  The poster, titled “Attitudes and Expectations of Undergraduate Students in STEM and Non-STEM Disciplines”, was presented by Guerin.

“Our research group is investigating the application of AI techniques to decision-support tools for academic advising” said Guerin.  “We surveyed STEM and non-STEM majors about an experimental text-based explanation system, and collected data related to perception of the advising process.  In this study we’ve compiled answers to questions related to perceived utility of the advising process and the kinds of information that students wish to obtain from academic advisors.  In this poster we compare and contrast answers given by STEM majors and non-STEM majors, and analyze how student GPA and number of semesters attended influence their answers.”