Why CS at UK?

Reasons to Major in Computer Science at UK

  1. Create!  Get involved with research and gain experience with exciting, meaningful projects — from using x-rays to peek inside a thousand-year-old scroll without touching it, to building iPhone apps; from developing the future Internet to building animations to help arthritis patients understand the consequences of selecting different medications.
  2. Future-proof your career.  Technology changes so rapidly that details of specific technologies — languages, tools, and applications — may become obsolete before you leave the program.  Fortunately, our curriculum focuses on the core skills and foundational ideas that do not change.  Moreover, we equip you to learn about new technologies on your own, so that you leave prepared for lifetime success!
  3. Learn from a world-class faculty. You’ll be taught by professors who are recognized leaders in their respective fields in addition to being outstanding teachers. The UK College of Engineering’s Department of Computer Science was ranked 30th among U.S. Ph.D.-granting universities and 16th among public universities by Academic Analytics™.
  4. Earn while you learn.  Do you long for a resume that features actual work experience? Through the College of Engineering’s outstanding co-operative education program, you can work for a top company, apply what you learn and get paid for it.
  5. World-class environment.  Enjoy all the great things the UK campus has to offer — from sports to opera to the Solar Car team, amazing extracurricular activities are part of the environment.  And starting in 2011, Computer Science will be housed in the Digital Village, the beautiful new home of the Visualization Center, CS Department, and research into “all things computing” at UK.

See the cool things UK CS alumni are doing!

See the cool things UK CS students are doing!