See the Cool Things UK CS Students Are Doing

Ryan RiddleRyan Riddle, Cryptography and Finding your Passion

Ryan Riddle will be a May 2013 graduate in CS.  As he prepares to become an alumnus of the department, he advises current and future students to spend their four years at UK doing what they’re passionate about.

“There’s a lot of pressure to do the things you ‘have to:’ graduate classes and research and volunteering and internships.  But you’ll be a lot more successful if you discover your personal passion and commit to developing that,” says Ryan. Read full article



Mariam Shalash

Mariam Shalash, Peer Tutoring and Extra-Curricular Involvement

Mariam Shalash is a recent Computer Science graduate.  Her involvement on campus during her four years here, however, reached far beyond one department.

First, Mariam obtained a minor in Mathematics.  “I knew that I loved math,” she says, “but I didn’t want to be a math major, so I started looking at the College of Engineering.”  By choosing Computer Science as a major, Mariam knew she’d have the chance not only to take many math classes—enough to earn a minor—but also to apply them through the use of logic and technology. Read full article




Josiah Hanna

Josiah Hanna, Artificial Intelligence and the choice of UK

Although born and raised in Lexington, Josiah Hanna never seriously considered obtaining an undergraduate education in computer science from the University of Kentucky.

"I was actually determined to get away and see more of the country," he laughs. "I didn't even take a tour of the campus." Read full article





Shaden Smith, ACM President

Shaden Smith, ACM President

Shaden Smith has only been at UK for three years, but he has already left his mark, just in time for graduation.  Shaden currently serves as the president of the school's ACM chapter, as an undergraduate research assistant, and as a grader for CS315.

The ACM--the Association for Computing Machinery, a computer science professional society--has a UK student chapter which Shaden has led for the past year.  The main focus of the branch is to plan events within the department; these include lectures, programming competitions, and the semi-annual hackathon. Read full article



Justin Proffitt

Justin Proffitt, Vis Center STITCH project

Justin Proffitt is a senior majoring in computer science; he is also an example of something not uncommon among UK’s student population: the first generation college student.

“My parents never had the option to attend college,” Justin reflects, “Instead, they have worked hard at blue collar jobs and have had to endure the effects of economic instability on small, struggling cities.” Read full article


Scott Wagner

Scott Wagner, Web Design and App Development

Computer Science student Scott Wagner hasn't graduated yet, but he is already the founder of two web-based businesses.

The first of his companies is Promozzi, a promotions firm.  Wagner claims that the idea for this company came about during his tenure working for UK's Student Activities Board: "While I was doing web design for SAB, I worked closely with the graphic designer and with the Director of Public Relations, who is also a photographer.  The three of us became friends and decided to combine our skills into one promotions company."  Combining web design, graphic design, and photography, Promozzi mostly does work for weddings at the moment but is hoping to expand their market to small businesses. Read full article


Randy LueckeRandy Luecke, Cappuccino Developer and Inkling Intern

“Do something.” That’s one piece of advice Randy Luecke, a rising Computer Science junior, offers incoming freshman and he has certainly been one to follow that advice himself. He has pursued a multitude of opportunities outside the classroom that are making him a stand out student.

Luecke currently interns for Inkling in San Francisco.  Inkling is a software company that is architecting textbooks to bring a unique experience for each book to the digital textbook market.  Outside of Inkling, he is on the core team for an open source project call Cappuccino.  Cappuccino created a new language called Objective-J that aimed to add features to Javascript.  At the time, building a new language can be parsed and compiled in the browswer was unheard of.  Motorola acquired Cappuccino in 2010. Real full article