CS 686 - Special Topics in Theory and Algorithms

Bulletin Description

Advanced topics in algorithm design and analysis, and in theory of computing. Specific topics may include, but are not limited to: advanced graph algorithms, parallel algorithms, coding theory and cryptography, models of computation, recursion theory, computational complexity.


Consent of instructor.

Expected Preparation

Solid foundation in algorithm design and data structures, and in theory of computing. Strong mathematical background. Other required skills will depend on a specific topic chosen for he course.

Student Learning Outcomes

Mastery of main notions discussed in the course. Familiarity with the current literature in the topic area. Strong preparation for doing independent research work in the topic area. Familiarity with research conducted by the faculty instructor.

Syllabus Information

Week by Week Course Outline:

Will depend on the topic and will be announced by the faculty instructor as early as possible but at least one month before. A significant portion of the course should be devoted to a study and discussion of recent research papers in the area of the topic.

Examinations and Grading:

Exact details about examinations and grading in this course will be determined by the instructor offering the course. Details will be made available in the syllabus at the start of each semester in which the course is offered.

Possible Textbooks:

Research monographs, research papers provided by the faculty, instructor, other notes prepared by the faculty instructor